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The MCT Blog, is the student-led blog of the master’s program in Music, Communication and Technology (MCT), offered by the University of Oslo. The blog started in 2018, and it was significantly improved over the last 5 years. By the end of 2023, students have created 461 individual or group posts, sharing a significant amount of knowledge with the general public.

In 2023, students have produces 63 new blog posts, and I have linked the blog to Google Analytics 4 to gain deeper insights about the visitors of the blog (visitor data sampling started in February, i.e. 11 months of data). Overall, approximatelo 20k users has visited the blog in 2023. This is pretty much consistent with the average yearly number of visitors we had in 2021 and 2022. The blog had a good global outreach, as shown by the Country ID map, with the United States and United Kingdom coming first and second. The great majority of the visitor came from organic searches (i.e. unpaid listings that appear on a search engines results pages). The user activity over time shows a high correlation with the period of the year in which students produce more posts and contents for the blog (usually in Autumn). Three quarters of the visitors read the blog using a laptop or desktop computer, with Chrome (as expected) being the most popular browser.


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