Interactive Music System Course Project Showcase

In Autumn 2023 at the University of Oslo we have run the course Interactive Music System at the University of Oslo for the fifth time. The course is part of the master’s program in Music, Communication and Technology. For their individual project, students were provided with kit we developed, including a Bela and a rich collection of sensors. Students have designed and built very interesting instruments, both from the conceptual and technical perspective. Blow there is a video of the final concert, and links to the individual performances and blog posts describing the instruments.


Concert Program (Instrument by Designer/Performer):

  • Hyper-Ney by Emin Memis [videopost]
  • Paperback Singer by Fabian Stordalen [videopost]
  • Saxelerophone by Joachim Poutataud [videopost]
  • Touch/Tap/Blow by Alexander Wastnidge [videopost]
  • Xyborg by Kristian Eicke [videopost]
  • ChordCord by Jack Hardwick [videopost]

Projects from previous students can be seen on Interactive Music section of the  The MCT Blog.



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