TaViPaCo – Tangible Virtual Patch Cords


The Tangible Virtual Patch Cord (TaViPaCo) is a system to tangibly manipulate the virtual patching cords in graphical programming environments, such as Max and Pure Data. The system includes a physical interface, a communication protocol, and a software library, providing physical extension of the graphical programming paradigm.
The 22 red connectors at the top represent signal outlets from Max. The 22 black connectors at the bottom represent signal inlet to Max. Outlet and inlet are connected using patch cords.
Connections are possible also from one outlet to many inlets and from many inlets to one outlet. In the latter case, by operating the switch on the right is possible to select addition or multiplication of signals connected to the same inlet.
The 22 potentiometers below the black connectors control the gain of each inlet. The potentiometer on the right side determine the fade in/out time when a connection is created or removed.
The interface communicates via serial-USB with a dedicated Max (or Pure Data) external supporting the dynamic signal routing.

TaViPaCo Download

git clone https://github.com/stefanofasciani/TaViPaCo
svn checkout https://github.com/stefanofasciani/TaViPaCo

Related Publication

S. Fasciani, H, Rahman, “Tangible Virtual Patch Cords”, in Proceedings of 2018 International Computer Music Conference, Daegu, Korea, 2018. [PDF]


ICMC2018 Presentation Slides


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